V. Jesse Smith, President/CEO

President & Founder V. Jesse Smith

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Heights of Greatness Leadership Institute (HGLI) follows the leadership trends of today. We know what leaders need today in  order to be at their peak performance. Therefore, we specialize in providing up-to-date trainings, workshops, seminars and coaching to individuals, employers, businesses, entrepreneuers, non-profits and corporations leadership skills, soft and hard, which will allow you to be competitive in society.


Our company was founded by V. Jesse Smith 8 years ago. V. Jesse's leadership experience and oratorical ability spans from New York to California. His goal in establishing HGLI was for the sole purpose of providing effective leadership training in a personalized and coachable manner.


As such, we provide the steps to leadership training in the following areas:


Leadership Coaching,


               Leadership Development,


                          Leadership Team Building, 


                                        Leadership Management Training,    


                                                   Empowerment Seminars,


                                                               How to write your book Seminars,    


                                                                           Youth Enrichment Seminars (YES),


Contact us today to if you are looking to provide leadership training to your staff that will help increase your profit revenue in your business. The real capital in any business is still human capital. When you have well-developed leadership in your employees and staff, you receive more customers, clients, referrals and a satisfied working environment.


Get the most recent and up-dated leadership trends happening in your business today. Call us at (800) 673-9780 or [email protected], or [email protected].


We are committed to your leadership greatness!!!