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Heights of Greatness Leadership Institute (HGLI) follows the leadership trends of today. We know what leaders need today in order to be at their peak performance. Therefore, we specialize in providing up-to-date trainings, workshops, seminars and coaching to individuals, employers, businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits and corporations leadership skills, soft and hard, which will allow you to be competitive in society.

Our company was founded by V. Jesse Smith 8 years ago. V. Jesse's leadership experience and oratorical ability spans from New York to California. His goal in establishing HGLI was for the sole purpose of providing effective leadership training in a personalized and coachable manner.

As such, we provide the steps to leadership development in the following areas:

        Leadership Coaching,

                Leadership Development,

                     Leadership Team Building, 

                             Leadership Management Training,    

                                    Empowerment Seminars,

                                         How to write your book Seminars,                      

                                                   Youth Enrichment Seminars (YES),          

Contact us today to if you are looking to provide leadership training to your staff that will help increase your profit revenue in your business. The real capital in any business is still human capital. When you have well-developed leadership in your employees and staff, you receive more customers, clients, referrals and a satisfied working environment.

Get the most recent and up-dated leadership trends happening in your business today. Call us at (661) 992-9052 or, or

We are committed to your leadership greatness!

About the Founder--V. Jesse Smith

V. Jesse Smith is a motivational leader, speaker and author who specializes in helping individuals, youth, employees and business minded people become influential leaders and dynamic public speakers. 

Jesse has dedicated himself to inspiring and motivating individuals to achieve their greatness by honing their skills and talents. He is one of America's sought after speakers' on the public circuit, and has been given the audience appointed title of one who can 'wake up the dead,' with his presentations. 

Jesse is a certified leadership coach, speaker and strategist with The John Maxwell Leadership Team, and has been personally trained by the number one motivational speaker in the country--Mr. Les Brown. 

In addition to giving countless lecturers, speeches and seminars on leadership, Jesse is the author of three (3) highly acclaimed successful books entitled "Back Where You Belong: Satan's Mad Because he Lost the Soul he Thought he Had;" "An A.C.T.I.O.N. Guide for Union Reps, Stewards and leaders in the Labor Movement, and "The Presence."

As a leadership expert and strategist, Jesse always reminds those he is training in leadership development that "Experience shapes your leadership, until your leadership is developed to shape your experience."

Jesse has delivered over 2,500+ presentations for corporations, associations, business groups, colleges, universities and youth organizations nationwide. He has conducted seminars on various topics for businesses, associations and companies such as: 1) Leadership Development, 2) Youth Empowerment through visionary leadership, 3) Effective Communication Skills, 4) Negotiation Skills, 5) Conflict Resolution, 6) Understanding Cultural Diversity in the workplace, 7) Raising Employee Morale and increasing productivity, 8) The Key to Effective Management and Delegation, Public Speaking and so much more....

Through Jesse's "Speak with A.U.T.H.O.R.I.T.Y" formula for effective public speaking and "Nuggets for Effective Leaders" Programs, attendees become dynamic speakers and influential leaders. 

Jesse's ideas and techniques on developing leaders have left many coming back for more insight. If you are looking for someone to motivate, inspire, set on fire, ignite or boost the morale of you, your staff, audience or conference attendees, look no further; you have found one of the most sought after speakers' in America--V. Jesse Smith

Keynote Speaker Fees: A limited number of corporate, business, association, college & Teen speaking engagements accepted. Fees = (30-60 minutes), $1,500.00 - $5,000.00+

Seminar/Workshops: To have Jesse conduct a seminar/workshop on any of his modules; fees = half-day (1 hour - 4 hours, based on attendees), $500+ and for full-day (8 hours), $1,000.00+, based on the nature of the seminar/workshop. 

To book Jesse, he can be reached at: or 661-992-9052.

Why us?

Why should you use HGLI for all of your leadership training and not another leadership company?

Simply put: Personalized leadership attention.

We learned this simple principle long ago "people don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care."

HGLI prides itself off of the fact that we provide the individual attention leaders want and deserve to be at their best. Our goal is to provide the leadership tools and training needed to help leaders reach the apex of their game--and to do it with a personalized touch of leadership and class.

*Module Training Sessions*

* Developing the leader in you and around you;

* Leadership &Teambuilding in the workplace;

* How to deal with difficult people;

* Understanding leadership diversity in corporate culture and community settings;

* How to resolve conflicts at work and at home;

* How to write your own book: Does leadership and authorship go hand in hand?

* Becoming an effective public speaker...And so much more.....

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